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Radius & Ulna
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Photo credit: Calum Creasey (@therollinghome)

Photo credit: Calum Creasey (@therollinghome)

Simon & Cécile

It all began in the kitchen !

We both joined the Culinary design Bachelor in Avignon cooking school. We were given knives to chop and chisel, cameras to shoot and a design studio to create.

In 3 years of studying and working in top level restaurants,
we realised how cooking is a very creative and versatile Art.
Moreover, we discovered each other along the way. From the beginning we realised we were a great team. Because we have so much in common, and yet so many differences.


Inspired by his experiences in Scandinavia, Simon creates delicate recipes, highlighting Nature with herbs and various plants he picks along the road.He’s a bit hot headed, always enthousiastic and is eager to enhance basic products with technics and tricks.  

Cecile is quieter but can be hot headed when it comes to cooking ! She has a thing for spices and unusual seasonings, to always twist the classics. She’s quite meticulous and pays attention to details. Above all, Love of good food and generosity reflects in her cooking.


Since we’ve been on the road, we created a unique cooking identity we both share.
As we never cease to explore and taste new things, we do it all together and we balance each other to cook meals fitting us and our travel.