Barley malt pancakes

Barley malt pancakes

We all loves pancakes right ? 
Barley malt and seeds give them a rustic side you never tasted before ! 


For 2 people

Preparation : 5min 

Cuisson : 20 min



150 gr of flour

150 gr of water 

75 gr of sugar

1 egg 

25 gr of barley malt

25 gr of mix seeds 

1 tablespoon of oil

1 teaspoon of baking powder 

1 pinch of sea salt 


25 gr of honey

100 gr of chocolate


  • Put everything in a bowl and mix it with a spatula to get an homogeneous liquid dough.

  •  If you have a doubt about the consistency, don’t hesitate to add more flour to get something thicker, or add more water to get something more liquid.

  • Oil your pan, and pre-heat it. 

  • Take your time to cook it one by one. Two full dough tablespoons are enough for one pancake.

  • You can choose to eat them straight away, or wait until everything’s done !
  • On each of them, pour the amount of honey you like and add some of big chunks of chocolate. Enjoy!

A recipe created for :

Culinary photographer and stylist