blackberry jam

blackberry jam

Go pick some berries and bring them home !

  • Preheat a pot and pour the blackberries.
  • Cover them with just enough water and simmer until they’re very soft and tender. 
  • On top of a big bowl, strain them and crush the berries in a colander
  • Be careful to save all the water, juices and berries in the bowl. 
    TIPS : Once crushed this way, the berries will incorporate better in the jam. The thiner the colander, the less you’ll get grains in the jam ! 
  • Put it all in the pot again, add the sugar and simmer on medium heat until the sugar melts.
  • Turn off the heat and add the gelatin when it’s still hot. Mix it thoroughly until a homogeneous mix. 
  • Add the juice of your lemon.
  • Pour it all in a jar, let it cool down for a few hours minimum. 
    TIPS : if you find it too thick, pour it back in a pot, add some water and pour it all over again in your jar to cool down.

Enjoy ! 



For 1 jar

Cooking : 1h



750 gr of fresh blackberries

750 gr of cane sugar

Tap water

1 lemon

3 teaspoons of gelatin powder.

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