How to make sourdough ?

Radius & ulna - sourdough
"The origins of the bread-making are so ancient that everything said about it must be pure speculation... "

 Michael GaenzleThe encyclopedia of food microbiology


Since day one, our sourdough jar have never left our pantry. Its complex flavour makes it the key ingredient for great bread. Besides, sourdough helps keeping the bread quality much longer than yeast does.

To make it is quite easy ! Sourdough is only a result of flour and water fermented together. But it’s time that makes it really good.


Start putting approximately the same amount of flour and water in a big jar. You don’t need to start with much of it, a cup of each is perfect for a new born sourdough.

Then, you only have to « feed » it with flour and water again, one cup of each.

It is going to grow bigger and bigger and is ready to use in about three weeks at first.
You know your sourdough is ready when you get a lot of air bubbles inside !


The great thing about sourdough is that when it’s finally ready, you only have to put a small amount of it in your bread recipes, and the rest of your jar is still alive, ready to use at anytime if well fed.

Don’t worry too much if you forget it from time to time (poor thing..), it doesn’t die so easily.
Whenever you see the water and flour split in the jar, it means you definitely have to feed him again. It will come back to life in a minute.
But remember that if you forget about it too often, it will become a bit more acidic and you could feel it in your bread.

If you’re not into acidic bread, don’t hesitate to throw away half of your sourdough ! Feed him good and start again from there.


Finally, you can start your sourdough with any wheat flour you like ! We have a thing for whole flour, and our sourdough seems to like it too…

Start your sourdough now for it to be ready, because we’re about to share our best bread recipe here !



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