How to keep fresh veggies #2

"Veggies made with love are always better than beef served with hate" 

French proverb


You learned a few of the tips we gave you before ? Here are some more !

  • When you don't need a whole vegetable and want to keep some for later, the best way to keep it fresh is to thoroughly wrap the exposed part in an aluminium sheet. it will survive for days !
  • Try to eat your cabbages and salads gradually ! As their core can stay fresh for a very long time, don't hesitate to eat them leave by leave.
  • Store your potatoes, citrus, onions and garlic together in a different spot ! A dark and fresh one would be the best. This way you will also save more space for the fresh veggies.
  • As human beings, some fruits and vegetables really don't get along with each other !
    Peers and kiwis, bananas and apples, avocados and tomatoes are very bad marriages and they'll rot very quick when stored together.
  • Speaking of avocados, we all crave them in summer, right ?
    When picking them, try not to chose the ripe ones as you used to, unless you're gonna eat them right away. Young avocados can continue to ripe slowly when stored the right way. It is actually the same for bananas, peers or tomatoes. Don't be scared to pick them a bit too young at first for you to enjoy a week later !



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