How to preserve feta cheese ?

"The way you preserve your cheese reflects the way you live."

Inspired by Confucius


Not all cheese can survive in a van without a fridge and eating them right away is sometimes the best solution.

But we love feta cheese ! It can be used in many ways, from crusty toasts for appetizers to salad toppings. 
Here is our secret for a better, long lasting feta :

In a little jar, cut your feta in small dices, add some greek olives, a bit of rosemary and fill the jar with oil !
Any fresh herb or spice can match, use your favorites! 

You can keep this mixture for about a week or even more if put in a fridge.
Day by day, the feta will become tastier !

You may think it is easier to buy this mix directly in a superstore. But this DIY version is cheaper, tastier and healthier as there’s no additives at all. 

Also, once you’ve finished the cheese, you can safely use the oil for anything. It will have an amazing olive and cheese flavor to it which you can't buy anywhere. 

Culinary photographer and stylist