how to preserve lemons ?

 "When life gives you lemons, preserve them !"

Radius & Ulna


Our preserved lemons have been in our van since day one, and they’ll follow us until the end. 
It’s truly a wonder everyone should know about !

You may have tasted some in oriental dishes as Tajines and couscous ?
They bring a unique and powerful flavor to salads, fish recipes, couscous or pasta.


Here’s the recipe for this ancient and delicious condiment: 

  • In a big jar, put 1 liter of cold water and 100 gr of table salt. 
  • Shake it for the salt to dissolve. 
  • Immerse a few lemons in that mix. 
  • Close the jar, store it away from the light and forget it for at least 3 weeks. 

Yes, this recipe demands patience. But once your first lemons will be ready, you won’t regret it !

Our trick is to use the water to cook too.
It will have the same powerful and perfumed flavor as the lemon, and is perfect for dressings and sauces. 

Finally, It is such a good preservative you can keep this water for months. Once you’ve finished one lemon, add a fresh one at the bottom of the jar.

It could survive us all !


Culinary photographer and stylist