How to keep fresh veggies #1

Radius & Ulna - Veggies
"I'm gonna be round my vegetables
I'm gonna chow down my vegetables
I love you most of all
My favorite vegetable"

The Beach Boys Vegetables


We used to put vegetables in the fridge and it’s actually a bad habit we all have ! Our precious veggies can live on quite some time, and fridges often kill them very quick.

Since we live in our van and chose not to have a fridge, we came out with many ways to store them.

Here are some tips to keep fresh vegetables :


  • Build yourself better than a fridge ! We bought a large plastic box, drilled holes on the lid and put greaseproof paper at the bottom. This way, humidity finds its way out of the box and vegetables are protected from the outside atmosphere.


  • Spot the freshest and darkest place available to store them ! Our perfect spot in right under our bed.


  • Don’t underestimate the power of kitchen roll !

Wrap your mushrooms or tender stamp broccolis in dry sheets to get rid of their excessive humidity. On the opposite, fresh herbs wrapped in wet sheets will survive for days

Be careful to change the kitchen roll sheet every two for three days.


  • Some supermarkets only sell veggies wrapped in plastic. If you cannot avoid them, keep in mind to let them in their package before using them. They often are in a special controlled atmosphere and would rot so quick when out of it. 


  • Clean your boxes, change the grease proof paper, get rid of the bad leaves and little mold which can appear sometimes. Vegetables are tiny little beings in a great need of attention.

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